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Unleash Your Fighting Potential with Premium Equipment from Fight.Shop

Welcome to the Fight Shop! Buy the best fighting gear and equipment from our web-store, for Boxing, MMA and Muay Thai. Have a scroll through our premium brands for men and women, including Danger, Fairtex, OG Fightwear and Yuth
to find the optimal clothing and protection to excel in your chosen discipline.

We provide a range of boxing gloves, MMA gloves, bag gloves, wrist supports, fighter protection and coaching equipment such as belly pads and kick pads. Plus, we offer elite level nutrition products to keep you at the top of your game such as protein powders, vitamin supplements, aminos, electrolytes and more. Order from our online shop today in a few clicks!

Blue/Black Danger Equipment MMA Competition Gloves Back/Front

MMA Gloves

We offer a range of high
quality MMA gloves to give you a winning edge. Take a look at our Danger Equipment sparring gloves and competition gloves which come
in a range of eye-catching colours and are made in Thailand, with premium

Each one is designed to mold to the hand perfectly for ultimate comfort and has an open hand ideal for grappling, pulling, clinching and takedowns. Or, how about the OG sparring gloves that can be ordered in black or white and offer extreme comfort and protection.

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Black/Gold Yuth - Gold Line Boxing Gloves Yuth 8oz Back/Front

Boxing Gloves

The Fight Shop has a range
of boxing gloves
on offer from big brands such as BKFC, Danger, OG Fightwear, Yuth and more. Each glove has been chosen for its quality design, that includes exceptional wrist support, secure fit, excellent padding and durability.

Choose from 100% leather or semi-leather and a range of sizes from 6oz to 14oz. Each glove is made to the highest quality design standards and tested by professionals before it gets
to our online store.

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Yuth X BKFC Buakaw Muay Thai Short - Fight.ShopMuay Thai ShortYuth X BKFCXS

Muay Thai Shorts

Looking for Muay Thai shorts? Take a look at our quality range from the best brands in the business such as BKFC, Danger Equipment, Fairfax Fight, Lion Fight OG Fightwear and Yuth. Choose between a classic cut and retro styles, both which offer exceptional flexibility to maximise your movement when kicking and grappling.

And, being made from long lasting microfibre material, they’re extremely breathable to keep you cool during intense training sessions. All our Muay Thai shorts are tested and worn by professional fighters, so you can be sure they’ll last the distance, no matter how tough the fight.

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Red/White/Blue Yuth Thai Pads Front/Side

Muay Thai Fight Gear and Protection

Get everything you need to excel in every Muay Thai fight, whether you’re new to the sport or at competition level. In our shop you’ll find a range of quality gloves, shin guards, head guards and hand wraps, plus protection for coaches such as belly pads, Thai pads and focus mitts.