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    WBC Muay Thai Winner With Belts
    WBC Venice, Italy Event poster
    WBC champion after winning a muay thai fight
    2 Fighters at the WBC event in Italy
    Decision of the WBC judges at the event in Italy
    2 contestants at the WBC Venice, Italy Tournament


    WBC Muay Thai, also known as World Boxing Council Muay Thai, is an internationally recognized organization governing and promoting the sport of Muay Thai. Established in 2005, it unifies the sport globally by setting standards, organizing prestigious events, and implementing weight divisions and rankings. WBC Muay Thai collaborates with other organizations to foster the sport's development. It upholds the values of respect and fair play while preserving Muay Thai's cultural heritage. As of 2023 it has started a collaboration with Yuth Sport Gear, a fast growing Muay Thai brand, specialising in high quality gear for fighters all over the world.