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    Welcome to the Fight Shop, where you can find top quality Muay Thai shorts for sale from the best brands in the industry. We’re based in Pattaya, Thailand, but can ship your order to you anywhere in the world! Choose Muay Thai shorts from brands such as BKFC, Danger, Fairfax Fight, OG Fightwear and Yuth.

    All our shorts are made for comfort, flexibility and maneuverability, whether you’re a beginner or competition level Muay Thai fighter. They’re ideal for sparring, training or taking part in elite level competitions and will help you move about with ease and excel in each bout. All our Muay Thai clothing featured on this site is chosen for its quality and has to pass our high standards testing.

    How to Choose the Best Muay Thai Shorts for You?

    To train at your peak, you need the best Muay Thai shorts to help you move about with ease and stay comfortable. The pro Muay Thai shorts we offer are lightweight and made so you can knee and kick freely. They’re also breathable, for when you get sweaty during an intense training session. Here’s a few things to consider when choosing Muay Thai shorts:

    • Style. Choose from two main styles of Muay Thai shorts. These include shorter with a high cut or the classic shorts which are longer.
    • Size. Thai sizes are a little different to Western sizes. Check the size chart for a guidance or contact one of our team for help.
    • Design. Choose from a range of colours, patterns and branding that suit your fight personality.

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