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    Buy Pro Boxing Gloves from the Fight Shop

    Are you a beginner or pro level fighter looking for the best boxing gloves? Here at the Fight Shop you can buy boxing gloves from Thailand online. We’re based in Pattaya, but deliver our boxing gloves, apparel and fight equipment anywhere in the world. We only provide elite level boxing glove brands including BKFC, Danger Equipment, OG Fightwear and Yuth.

    These gloves are ideal for amateurs and professional boxers looking to excel in their chosen sport and improve their fighting skills. The Fight Shop was created by a team of passionate martial artists and combat sport experts, so you can be rest assured all our gear is of the highest quality and made to last. Order from our online shop today in a few clicks!

    When Should You Buy New Boxing Gloves?

    Boxing gloves will see their fair share of wear and tear in the ring. While you might want to keep your old gloves till they fall apart, it’s recommended to change them at least every 2 years, or every year if you can so they keep you protected.

    Of course, this timespan will vary, depending on how often you train, the type of training you do and the quality of the gloves. The following factors indicate you may need a glove change:

    • The surface or lining of your gloves is torn
    • Your gloves start to give off an unpleasant odour
    • You’ve been training and fighting with the same gloves for 2 years or more

    Order Pro Boxing Gloves from the Fight Shop Today

    Ready to buy new boxing gloves online from the Fight Shop? Order your gloves today and we’ll ship them to you anywhere in the world.